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Welcome to LASIK by Pepose

We are pleased you’ve stopped by to check out our blog.

We are Pepose Vision Institute, one of the leading vision centers in the country. You can learn all about our practice and services at

This blog is dedicated to our LASIK Vision Correction services. We also have a website that’s 100% LASIK – you can find it at

Where to start. More than 20 years ago Dr. Jay Pepose, the founder of Pepose Vision, was part of an elite group of 10 ophthalmologists that were selected to perform clinical studies on the original LASIK with the goal of receiving FDA approval and bringing this incredible procedure to the public. The trials were obviously a success, as has been LASIK ever since.

This blog will discuss the LASIK procedure, how to select a surgeon and of course, news and info about LASIK by Pepose.

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