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If It Seems Too Good to Be True It Probably Is

Over the years we've heard patients tell us we are more expensive that the LASIK ad they saw on tv.  "It's only $ 499 an eye!"  We're going to share with you what we tell those patients so you can make the best possible decision.



1) The surgeon's experience: LASIK is a very safe procedure, but nonetheless, it's surgery.  You need to make sure your surgeon is experienced, which only comes from performing a large number of surgeries.  Often you'll see ads claiming 10, 20 or even 50,000 LASIK surgeries! In almost all cases this number represents how many surgeries the center has done, not an individual surgeon.  Dr. Pepose was the very first to perform LASIK in this region and has performed 10s of thousands of surgeries himself. What's more, the technicians and other support staff have been part of the Pepose team assisting with LASIK procedures for years. Perhaps most important, we track our results and can show (confidentially) the exact outcomes Dr. Pepose has attained for our patients. 



2) The surgeon's involvement: Dr. Pepose is deeply involved with the pre-operative planning, surgery and post-operative care for every single LASIK patient.  He even calls every patient after their surgery to see how they are doing!  At low cost LASIK centers, in almost every case the surgeon is only involved in the actual surgery.  It's common for patients to not meet their surgeon until the day of surgery.  We believe - we know - that pre- and post-operative care is very important to long lasting results and health.  It's a corner we're not willing to cut.



3) The technology: Beware of the "bait and switch."  This is very common with low cost LASIK centers.  They advertise a low price to get you in the door, and then you find out that price has a lot of fine print.  Not the least of which is it will be performed using older technology.  At Pepose Vision, we continually invest in the absolute latest technology, from how we custom map our patient's eyes to the fastest, most accurate and safest laser used for the procedure.  What's more, we operate an advanced research clinic and are always the first to know about new technologies and advancements.



4) Added costs: To begin, low cost LASIK has all kinds of strings attached.  Odds are good that based on your vision correction needs the price will be raised right away.  Then there's the fee for the initial consultation.  And your pre- and post-operative visits. And any touch-ups you might need after surgery.  At Pepose Vision, we provide a single price and it includes an extensive (3 hour) pre-operative visit, your LASIK procedure, and a number of post-operative visits (1 day, 1 week and 1, 3 and 6 months) so we can monitor your progress, answer your questions and make sure you get the best results possible.  And as mentioned earlier, these visits are with your surgeon, not whichever doctor is around that day. 



5) Other surgical skills: Pepose Vision is a full-service ophthalmological center, offering most every type of vision service a patient could need, from general eye exams to the latest care for cataracts, retinal diseases, dry eyes, glaucoma and more. Why does this matter? Because unlike low cost centers that only offer LASIK, we aren't motivated to sell LASIK.  We're motivated to help our patients see better and have healthy eyes, not only now but forever. If LASIK isn't right for a patient, we'll not only tell them but provide alternative ways of improving their vision.  And in those very, very rare cases where there is a complication, Pepose Vision is staffed with surgeons that are cornea subspecialists.



6) Long term care: Low cost LASIK is generally offered by one of the nationwide, corporate-owned centers.  There is constant change and turmoil in the industry as centers are sold, names are changed and more.  Low cost centers almost never offer any type of long term promise, and with those that do who knows if they'll even be around.  Pepose Vision offers a program called Vision Correction for a Lifetime which provides free touchups for the first year and then discounted touchups forever.  Please click here to learn more. What's more, Pepose Vision is and has always been locally owned and will remain committed to being the best at LASIK, as it has since the day LASIK was introduced.


The majority of our LASIK patients come to us for their continued eye care as they appreciate having a personal relationship with their surgeons and staff and know Pepose Vision can and will take care of them in the best possible manner.





​So here's how we always end this conversation.  Yes, we're more expensive than many LASIK surgeons. But there are good reasons and we have no problem discussing why.  LASIK is an incredible procedure that literally will change your life, but it is surgery.  And like any surgery, value is way more important than price. At Pepose Vision, we will take the time to make sure you fully understand the LASIK procedure and your options.  And once you decide to have LASIK, we will provide you with the most experienced surgeon, the absolute latest technology, the most compassionate care and an easy, no-hassle process that will assure the best possible and safest outcomes.  


Please contact us if you have any questions.  Or better yet, schedule a no-obligation consultation where we'll take some key eye measurements to make sure LASIK is right for you, explain the procedure and your experience in detail and answer any questions you might have.



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