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Our Technology

LASIK St. Louis

Pepose Vision is at the forefront of refractive technology.

We are constantly evaluating and investing in new technoogy in order to bring the best possible outcomes to our patients.


As a full service ophthalmological center Pepose Vision treats a wide variety of advanced vision issues.  As a result, we not only have the experienced surgeons no matter our patients needs, we also are able to justify having a wide variety of advanced technologies.










Pepose Vision is the only center in our region to have the latest generation of  iFS Intralase Laser for flap creation. This latest generation Intralase fires 150,000 pulses per second and each pulse lasts a millionth of a billionth of a second (a femtosecond). The other lasers in town fire at 60,000 pulses per second or less. Why is that important? Without getting too technical, this advanced speed allows us to be much more accurate and provide better outcomes, plus reduce inflammation and help nerves to grow back faster, which means less dry eye symptoms following surgery.



What’s more, the flaps we create during surgery have been shown to be 5 times stronger in adherence than mechanical flaps and also stronger than those done with the 60 kilohertz lasers of our competitors. Stronger flaps are both more resistant to trauma and also to the development of keratoconus following surgery. 



Pepose Vision continually researches and invests in the latest technology so our patients receive the highest quality and safest care.

We offer the latest wavefront guided treatments, the same treatments that were approved by NASA for astronauts and by every branch of the military. This allows us to take the most precise measurements so we can fully customize your treatment.

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