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Visit our YouTube page to see more of our patients discuss their LASIK by Pepose Vision experience.

Following surgery we ask our LASIK patients if they'd like to leave a comment about their experience.  

The following are a few of those comments. These are real comments from real patients!

Be sure to ask to see more when you come to your free consultation.



Having LASIK at Pepose Vision Institute has had a major impact on my health-related quality of life.  Prior to surgery it had been five years since I felt that my vision was at its best.  I came to PVI as I knew that I had a score on both corneas. I am also a person with a mild physical disability that had been told by three different optometrists that my optic nerve looked “different." I came to PVI because of Dr. Pepose’s research and experience with LASIK.  the care I received from the entire staff was patient centered and the highest caliber.  Dr. Pepose has a wonderful bedside manner when he is with his patients. PVI always had my best interest in mind.  i was not a candidate of the the newest form of LASIK but I was able to have the original LASIK (bladed) surgery.  Four days after the procedure I was seeing 20/16! I can honestly say that deciding to go to PVI for LASIK is one of the best decisions that I have ever made.  TD 12/18/14




I was a little nervous yesterday but the nurses and Dr. Pepose immediately put me at ease.  There was very little discomfort the day of surgery and the day after it felt as if nothing had been done.  The staff was very organized, courteous and helpful.  Highly recommended!!  RH 6/21/14



Much better than expected. Will admit I was a little anxious having the Lasek procedure instead of LASIK (totally understood the reason, but everyone else I’ve know who had this done had LASIK).  Everyone made me feel at ease. Really appreciated that Dr. Pepose explained everything being done each step of the way.  Felt I was totally prepared as to what would happen and the right expectations were established.   LR 5/10/14 

This is the 2nd time that I have had this procedure.  The first time was with another company in Texas.  This 2nd time around was so much better!  Everyone was very nice and helpful and the procedure was simpler than before. I will refer this company. JO 5/3/14



My surgery experience was better than I could have imagined.  The surgery process was pain free.  I was in good hands with Dr. Pepose. I can’t wait to enjoy summer without contacts!!!! Thanks Dr. Pepose.  RC 5/3/14



I can’t believe I don’t wear glasses anymore.  The Pepose Team were so professional and friendly, they made the process very easy. I wouldn’t trust my eyes to anyone else.  MJ 5/1/14



After I got my LASIK yesterday my world was a little blurry.  Went home and took a nap. When I woke up I could see the clock across the room! It’s changed my life so dramatically already in one day!  I didn’t have to find my glasses this morning, and I finally go to wear sunglasses!  The world outside is so unbelievably clear! Thanks to Dr. Pepose an his awesome staff!  I will forever be grateful!!! JD 4/5/14



Glasses when I was 5.  Contacts when I was 11. Life changed when I was 29.  It’s more than convenience; it's a freedom, a comfort, a new look at the world - both literally and figuratively.  There was a log of security trusting my vision to Dr. Pepose.  From his input during my initial evaluation to his kind words and care during a phone call follow-up the evening of my surgery … I had confidence in my care the whole process.  MP 2/13/14



LASIK has been something I’ve been thinking about for many years and I knew when the time came I would be coming to see Dr. Pepose.  I was very anxious before the procedure and everyone from the start to the end was very kind.  Dr. Pepose walked me through every step and his constant reasurence that I was doing great really helped to put my mind at ease.  I’m so glad I made this choice.  Waking up for the first time after the procedure

and being able to see is something I will never forget.  I’m grateful to everyone who helped me get my vision back. AA 3/29/14  



Dr. Pepose was great! He answered all of my questions and made sure I was comfortable and aware during the whole process.  I would recommend Pepose to anyone!  CR 3/29/14



Dr. Pepose came highly recommended by a friend who also show LASIK for vision.  He was also recommended by a family friend.  I was told he is the best choice for LASIK in the Missouri area.  Waking up the first morning after surgery and being able to see my son was the best gift.  I no longer have to search for glasses on my bedstead to check on him. JR 3/15/14 



Amazing.  To go from not just having everything being “blurry” more like not even being able to distinguish objects from people to being able to see my children’s faces and read street signs without glasses is nothing short of miraculous.  JH 12/7/13

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