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Vision Correction for a Lifetime

During the first year after initial vision correction surgery, our patients receive touchups free of charge, when medically indicated.


Beyond this first year, touchups continue to be offered free of surgical fees, when medically indicated, and patients will only pay laser facility and post-operative care fees, and applicable royalties or taxes.

Our Long-Term Commitment to You.

LASIK and related vision correction procedures have been proven to be the most stable answer to nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism. But Pepose Vision Institute goes the extra mile. We make a lifelong commitment to your newly restored vision.


We are pleased to offer qualified vision correction patients free enrollment in our Vision Correction for a Lifetime program. Unlike other providers who charge extra for this coverage, our coverage is included in your initial surgical fee.



To be eligible, our patients:


Must have annual eye exams performed at Pepose Vision Institute or by their co-managing vision correction eye care provider, within three months of the anniversary date of the original surgery (patients are responsible for annual exam visit fees).


These exams assure that unrelated eye conditions can be addressed so as not to diminish the benefit of your vision correction surgery.


In addition to having an annual eye exam performed at Pepose Vision Institute or by a co-managing Optometrist, touchups after the first year are free of surgical fees as long as:


  • The touchup is medically advisable, in a programmable range of refraction, with residual spherical equivalent of one diopter or more, and corrective lenses improve uncorrected vision by at least 3 lines on the acuity chart.

  • Patient's uncorrected vision following initial surgery or enhancement during the first year is within 3 lines of the pre-operative best spectacle-corrected vision, as recorded at the one-year postoperative visit, and refractive outcome at the one year post-operative visit is of spherical equivalent of less than or equal to +/- 0.75D.




While the vast majority of our LASIK patients are eligible for this program, there are some exclusions. We will provide full details and answer any questions during your free consultation.


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