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Questions to ask before choosing your LASIK Surgeon


Though LASIK Vision Correction has become “routine” in terms of occurrence, it is still surgery. And for that reason, selecting the right surgeon is paramount.  We want to help you make an informed choice.  Here are some key questions to consider as you evaluate LASIK surgeons.



Are they a cornea sub-specialist?

Not all LASIK surgeons have this special training and experience. LASIK is cornea surgery, requiring your surgeon to manually treat your corneal surface and the bed beneath. At Pepose Vision, your LASIK surgeon is always a cornea sub-specialist.


Do they offer other procedures besides LASIK?

Pepose Vision does more than just LASIK. We treat a wide variety of eye diseases and conditions and are not motivated to recommend LASIK if that isn't the right choice for our patient.  We do offer alternative treatments for patients that aren't able to have LASIK.


Have other doctors recommended them?

When doctors were surveyed and asked “to whom would you refer your family members if they needed vision correction surgery,” they have consistently answered Pepose Vision Institute, earning us recognition year after year in Best Doctors in America and America’s Top Docs. We highly recommend you ask doctors for recommendations.


Are they up to speed on the latest technologies?  Do they have the latest equipment?

Pepose Vision Institute is at the forefront of new and developing eye technologies, working closely with leaders in eye care technologies around the world. We know whether today’s vision correction procedures are right for you, or whether another approach is on the horizon that will provide superior results for your unique vision condition. The laser we use for LASIK surgery is the absolute latest technology and we were the first in the area to have it.


Have they developed any advances in the field?

We are not just LASIK doctors.  We are also scientists and researchers.  The doctors at Pepose Vision Institute were involved in the development of LASIK, flapless LASIK, wavefront diagnostics and laser applications. We have earned an international reputation as a leader in new vision technologies and treatments. We are the home to numerous FDA clinical trials because we are known for our meticulous diagnostic skills and patient treatment.


WIll they tell you if you’re NOT a good candidate for LASIK?  Do they have other solutions?

LASIK is an elective surgery that should be performed only if it can enhance your uncorrected vision. We are not afraid to say “no” to patients if they are not ideal candidates, or if they can benefit more from another treatment.


Will the surgeon be involved in your pre- and post-operative planning and exams?

Some LASIK facilities have “hired gun” surgeons. They show up on the day of surgery and operate the laser, then they’re gone. They’re not involved in your pre-operative exam or treatment planning, which, frankly are critical parts of your procedure. During those exams you'll meet with an optometrist, not a surgeon.  Our approach is very different. Your surgeon is integrally involved in your pre-operative exam and the development of a treatment plan customized to your vision needs. Our pre-operative exam is an extensive three hour visit during which time your eyes are measured and re-measured using a variety of diagnostic tests to ensure an exact treatment plan.


Will they provide data on patient outcomes for surgeries your actual surgeon has performed so you can evaluate her/his success rate?

Don’t be fooled by corporate LASIK chains that quote national averages rather than outcomes for your specific surgeon. Pepose Vision Institute is the only St. Louis vision correction provider to make public its own patient vision outcome data, classified by preoperative prescription ranges. You can see the vision outcomes for people exactly like yourself, who have been treated by the same PVI surgeons who will perform your procedure.


Are they available for you to talk with, even after hours?

Ever try to reach your M.D. after office hours? You want the peace of mind from knowing you can reach your surgeon if you have questions or concerns, especially after surgery. At PVI, our surgeons are on-call, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, to respond to patients’ concerns. You will never hear “hang up and call 911 or go to your nearest emergency room if this is an emergency.”


Will they back up their surgery with a lifetime commitment?

PVI is committed to your eyesight for a lifetime. In addition to our “Vision Correction for a Lifetime” program for LASIK patients, we encourage our patients to return for annual follow-up to ensure that nothing compromises your newly- restored eyesight.


Are they using a low price to get you in the door?  Do they try to “up charge” you for “better” technology?  Do they offer a variety of options? 

Beware the bait and switch. Some LASIK companies will lure you in with a price based on using an old, inferior technology. They will only use the best technology for an increased fee over their advertised low price. Pepose Vision will never ask you to choose between “good”, “better” or “best” technologies, depending upon your willingness or ability to pay. We will never engage in “upselling” to increase your final fee. We believe that a doctor has an ethical responsibility to offer only the right technology that delivers the very best medical outcome possible. The appropriate treatment is a medical decision, not a “pocketbook” decision. This is why we offer the most competitive payment plans available including 0% down and 0% interest for qualified patients so that every individual can enjoy the very best vision outcome possible.


Do their fees include all follow up care?

Pepose Vision Institute offers value when it comes to your vision correction surgery. Our fees include six months of post-operative visits, no-cost touch-ups during the first year after surgery, enrollment in our “vision correction for a lifetime” program, and all of the technology required to give you the safest, best vision outcome possible. This assures a continuity and quality of care that simply cannot be duplicated by corporate LASIK centers where the eye surgeon is retained on a “piecemeal” basis to perform surgery, and only sees the patient on the day of surgery.

How to Choose Your Surgeon

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